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Facts about Langley Washington

Situated on Whidbey Island and nestled on the south shore of the Saratoga Passage, the city of Langley has a population of just over 1,200 people. The town occupies 400 acres which was founded by a German youth 14 years of age who homesteaded the land in 1886. The city was established in 1975.

Agriculture and Environment of Langley

The town has five streams or springs that run into it. Having no steep hills, the land is easily accessible to open water allowing early horse teams to haul important cargo. Parts of town are favorable to growing fruits, berries and vegetables. A spectacular view of the Saratoga Passage and the Cascade Mountains can be seen from its eastern vista.

Visiting Langley

Langley is a thriving tourist destination. Maintaining a small town and friendly atmosphere, Langley has a 1930s era movie theater, 1930s era grocery store and several restaurants. If you like mystery you want to visit here for their Mystery weekend, the last weekend in February, for some entertaining investigative fun with the whole town. If you like to eat crab, this is the place to get it fresh out of the ocean. In addition the city hosts two festivals each in July and September as well as the Island County fair in August.

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